How we work

Our unique team structure lets us help Brokers and Developers in ways others can't

Certainty and clarity throughout the lending process

  • New loan origination and appraisal: Covers initial assessment, financial modelling, advance payment fee and heads of terms
  • Detailed due diligence: Includes construction (for development loans), report on title, borrower due diligence, and finance documentation
  • Loan monitoring: Market assessment, financial support, legal support, monitoring surveyor and site visits (for development loan)
  • Loan redemption or recovery: Redemption via sale or refinancing, extension if appropriate

Clients and Projects

  • We look to lend where developments have a sensible use, valuation and exit strategy, and are aligned with our principles on environmental, social and governance (ESG).
  • Our loan term is typically 3-36 months, but we will consider loans outside this range.
  • We lend where we can acquire security over assets, either residential or commercial property.
  • We take a legal first charge over the property.
  • We work across all sectors including social housing, healthcare, holiday homes and multi-use properties.

Looking for a lender who understands that projects aren't always straight forward? 

We get it. We have an in house legal team, which sets us apart from the rest. Most of our team have first-hand experience of real estate developing, so we can empathise and look for solutions to help you complete your project. 

Get in touch today, our team are here to help you.


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